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Creativity and management are often perceived as opposites - while creativity requires a lot of freedom, management can constrain individual choice. However, some of the most innovative and daring inventions of our time were created within large organizations, led by brilliant and creative managers. Developing the capability to manage creativity is essential for organizations to support innovation and growth.  

Creative Meeting


As humans, we have limitless potential when it comes to achieving creative success, yet we often find ourselves struggling to fulfill our creative potential in highly structured organizations. Rules and regulations can constrain our individual freedom. Research suggests that the key to managing creativity is learning how to balance providing direction, support, and enabling constraints while also allowing sufficient autonomy and freedom to think and act differently.

Four People


The clients I work with include companies, entrepreneurs, and educational institutions that are interested in improving their problem-solving processes and practices. Key objectives include fostering a culture of "thinking differently" in the organization, promoting creative confidence among staff, and challenging the status quo.


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