Case Studies Analysis

In this workshop the participants will explore the success stories of some of the most creative and extraordinary companies in the world, such as Google, Pixar, Disney and Lego. The workshop fits different executive levels in any creative organisation, interested in enhancing leadership and management development.  

At the end of the workshop the participants will:

a) acquire practical tools of how to improve team motivation and performance in their organisation.

b) evaluate how innovative management concepts and methods can be adapted in their own organisation.

c) learn to think differently about their practice and develop new leadership mindset and capabilities.

Marketing team meeting

Organisational Narrative

In this workshop, leaders will work together to draw a shared organisation narrative, that resonates with their stakeholders’ beliefs, culture and motivation. Together, the participants will unpack key themes, through a guided sense-making negotiation process, and explore the strategic mapping of their future success.

At the end of the workshop the participant will:

a) draw a shared mapping of the organisation success story and future growth.

b) learn how their shared beliefs and values can drive the organisation forward.

c) be able to reach consensus regarding their shared future objectives.

Team Talk

Scenario Planning 

Mapping scenarios is a method that enables to unpack socio-economic and cultural processes. The objective is to create a framework for prediction, planning and ideation of different future scenarios for the organisation. The participants will reflect on their future success, using imagination and sense making tools. They will map short/medium/long terms future scenarios, challenges and business opportunities. 

Depending on scope, this programme is offered either as a one day, or a series of workshops.


At the end of the workshop the participants will:

 a) gain new insights of future scenarios for their organisation.

b) learn to separate between passing trends, and meaningful ones, that are more likely to develop into influential trends.

c) draw a road map scenario of possibilities, challenges and solutions for future business success.       

Business Team