Among diverse tools of problem solving, I utilise Human-Centered-Design in product and service development, as problems should be addressed with real people's needs in mind. In my creative development workshops, I espouse tools, such as customer journey mapping, stakeholders and persona maps, and prototyping with Lego Serious Play. The different techniques help teams identify issues and fix them very quickly, in order to avoid waste of money and time due to the launch of a premature product.

Problem Solving 

Teams learn how to use design, as a systematic problem solving method.  Applying divergent and convergent thinking, they grow confidence in their ideas, and build new innovation skills.

Service Design

Teams learn to empathise with their customer, build personas and identify key stakeholders and touchpoints, espousing diverse visualisation methods of Service Design,  

Lego Serious Play

Teams explore new ideas,  develop cognitive abilities and collaborations skills, building LEGO models, with the Lego Serious Play method.



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