What is Service Design?

Service design is a holistic emerging method for businesses, to gain an authentic insight and understanding of the customer’s needs.

A service is combined of several processes, products and content, delivered by different people and systems. Service Design can be applied in learning and development of new digital services, that can make people’s life easier and better. It is a practical creative tool to improve and deliver great services. Service design is an interdisciplinary approach, however in essence, it is a Human-Centered tool for problem solving. 

Service Design may be the answer when.. 

The problem is Human-Centered

The problem is not yet clear or needs refinement


The problem is relatively complex 

Practical Service Design tools: 

Ethnographic research - a tool to bring evidence.


Stakeholder mapping/Personas - a tool to identify your particular group of stakeholders and build Personas - i.e. fictional profiles representing them. 


Empathy mapping - a tool to help teams develop shared understanding of stakeholders, in a product or service. 


Customer Journey mapping - a tool helping to frame the customer journey, from awareness to purchase.  


Ideation techniques to enhance brainstorming and divergent thinking.